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I’m a Yummly Publisher! But what is that, why does it matter, and why do I seem excited? Well, I’ll tell you.

What’s Yummly?

For those of you who don’t know what Yummly is, it’s a big virtual recipe box but so much more. You can search by just about any category you can think of and it learns what you like based on what you Yum. You can even put together a shopping list and have your groceries delivered to you in under an hour. So it’s a pretty powerful toolbox.

I like it because it pulls all the important information from the recipe, saves it for you in a rather attractive looking gallery that you can organize by collections (Desserts, Pizza, etc.), but it still also directs you back to the original source (like a blog post). It pulls the list of ingredients, serving size, total time, ratings, nutrition, tastes (salty, savory, sour, bitter, sweet, spicy), and recipe tags. To get the directions on how to make it, you are directed back to the original source, which is why Yummly is so good for bloggers.

To use it all you have to do is register and then start clicking that “Yum” button you probably see a lot. Easy.

Why I decided to become a Yummly Publisher

I’ve actually had a Yummly publisher page for a while now (which you can visit here) but didn’t follow all the steps to become an official publisher until now. These steps include:

  1. Adding the Yum button (done)
  2. Introducing readers to Yummly with a blog post (you’re reading it now)
  3. Directing readers to your Yummly publisher page (done)
  4. Filling out a form showing that you’ve done all of the above for a chance to be featured.

I added the yum button immediately but I was hesitant to do anything else. Why? Well I’m tired of all the social media hoops I’m forced to jump through to get any sort of traffic at all. It’s freaking exhausting. And my blog readership is growing so slowly, like molasses-only not edible and delicious.

A lot of what I thought blogging was ended up being totally wrong. The things that I thought would be the hardest are easy and the stuff I didn’t even think about is turning out to be the hardest.

Thinking up recipes, taking pictures, writing: easy. I still work hard (especially at trying to improve my photography) but it’s the part I love and that comes more naturally to me.

Expanding my reach, being my own social media marketing department, developing good SEO, and being a social butterfly are all skills that do not come naturally to me. Some of it is even the exact antithesis of my personality.